Belclare Sheep


Breed Improvements

Historically the breed had an across the breed estimated breeding value programme in place known as EBV 95. The EBV's were expressed as a deviation from the average EBV for all animals born in 1995 and had a growth record. The result was called EBV 95 on the listings. Thus an animal with an EBV 95 of 15 had a genetic merit for growth rate that was 15g higher than the average for 1995 born animals. This EBV 95 was also expressed as a growth rate index, which was a similar scale to that used by the Department of Agriculture for breeds involved in the National Sheep Breed Improvement Programme. The index that was on the EBV 95 listings was calculated so as to have the mean for 1995 born animals equal to 100.

This monitoring has now been transferred to Sheep Ireland who use a star rating system.  

All Pedigree Belclare sheep, pedigree breeders and flock book information plus MALP  & CPT ( returns contribute to make the star-ratings a valuable asset in assisting you decide the Belclare ram or the Belclare sheep best suited to your requirements.

Belclare is the only sheep breed society in Ireland to be all inclusive in a breed improvement programme. This all inclusive programme was initiated in 1995.  

The programme is used by Belclare breeders selecting their replacement ewes and stock rams,so you can be assured that every time you return to buy a Belclare ram, he is a step up from the previous one.

Sheep Ireland €uro-Stars

The Sheep €uro-Star breeding index for sheep that were bred in flocks that participated in the LambPlus Sheep Breeding Scheme has been developed by Sheep Ireland and reflects how much Profit (€) a sheep farmer can expect to realize from making a breeding decision. They are designed to help farmers increase returns from sheep breeding and are based on available data on all animals in the Sheep Ireland Breeding Database.

€uro-Stars - What do they mean?
  • Overall Sheep Value - Measure of the Overall Sheep Value of an animal - combines Sub-Indices together.
  • Production Index - Measure of genetic merit of a Sheep for Terminal traits.
  • Maternal Index - Measure of genetic merit of a Sheep for Maternal traits.
  • Lambing Index - Measure of genetic merit of a Sheep for Lambing traits.

€uro-Stars - Where does the information come from?